CAL, Infinity Shawl/Wrap

Joede AKA Black Pearl Style is hosting a Crochet-A-Long, this is the first one I am participating in, we are making the Infinity Wrap byKristin Omdahl.

I am using a baby yarn, that is so super soft, and I have fallen in love with… I am rather excited to see how it will turn out

I am doubling this yarn, I love the color effect it creates. I have 6 skeins of one dye lot, and 2 skeins of a lighter dye lot. So I am thinking that I might do one motif in the lighter dye lot, make it the center motif of the 5, for some ‘symbolism’ that I will figure out later, LOL

Getting pretty excited about making this. I was wondering what I would use this yarn for, and wanted something special and pretty and for ME.
If it turns out well, I have a Red Heart Super Saver yarn that is variegated rich jewel tones, that I think would look FABULOUS in this shawl…

OK, back to the task at hand… done my swatch, and its wonky; but I have to move onward…


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