Hints n Tips for FellowFiberFolks

I am looking for various hints and tips that you would like to share with our fiber friends.
Reply to this, or post on twitter as “@PurpleJ3nn tip:”  Then I will re-tweet 🙂 [don’t have much else to do]

  • I (re)use slide zip-lock baggies to hold and separate yarn while crocheting (or knitting)
  • I use chip tubes (from pringles, etc) to hold knitting needles, crochet hooks (as well as my other tools for other creative aspects ie paint brushes)
  • I use reusable shopping bags to carry & organize my projects
  • I use ‘springy’ key chains to attach a pair of scissors to each project bag
  • when I find quality scissors @ a dollar store, I buy at least two pair, so that I have a pair to go with each project bag, and don’t have to track down scissors when I move to another project
  • I also buy the cheap packages of 3 (or more) tape measures from dollar stores, to keep in each project bag
  • I use stackable plastic drawers to organize my yarn, it keeps it from getting dusty, and the drawers are clear, so I can see what is in each drawer
  • I use foldable magazine organizers to hold yarn on shelves, because I can grab the holder to take project to the living room to work on while watching TV… they stand on their own, and sometimes have small pocket where I can put scissors, hooks, tape measure
  • I use small make up case or pencil case (from dollar stores) to hold scissors, tape measure, yarn needle, etc… to keep them organized in each project bag

Please leave comment with your own tips, so I can share them with others; even send @ reply on twitter so I can RT and share


One comment on “Hints n Tips for FellowFiberFolks

  1. I buy oversized fake designer purses at the flea market as project bags!

    I use baskets to organize yarn at home: looks pretty and I don’t have to dig to find anything.

    For at home projects, I bought a pencil/pen organizer from Wal-mart for hooks, scissors and everything else. You can find it in the school/office supply section. It has 2 main compartments, a shelf and 3 drawers.

    That’s it for now…Off to radiation!

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