freeform crochet

I have been exploring ravelry, as I do on many days… I have come across some freeform items, and I am falling in love with it. I have some ideas for freeform projects… I want to start with a freeform wrap; it is something that can have an odd shape to it and still be usable.

I did make one shawl that I suppose could be considered freeform… pink shawl it was for a lady, to represent all the good thoughts & prayers for her from many people (each yarn, shade of pink to represent the people/prayers/thoughts). It was given to her friend, to give to her as a gift. I instructed him to wrap it around her in a hug, and tell her that whenever she needs a hug, she needs only to wrap it around her to feel the love sent to her.

Well, one day, I will start my freeform wrap. I am sure it will be one of my on-going projects. I often have on-going projects… and they are often my own projects, for example: my scrap blanket, my large blanket for A & I, etc…


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