Think I’ve figured out my sleeping problem!

OK, I have been off work for over three years. My sleeping is getting increasingly messed up.

I have figured out what helps me sleep… this may seem very basic and logical to many… My man. And its not what you may be thinking *wink, wink*.
Actually, it is the fact that he is on a sleeping schedule, due to working and having a generally ‘normal’ life. My life is pretty much sitting in my apartment day after day, watching whatever I can find to amuse me on TV (I have watched the Cosby Show, full season at least 4 times in the past 3 years; almost every CSI episode, every Reba… I think you can see where this is going).
I do a lot of crocheting, have done some reading, drawing, painting. I have rearranged my apartment numerous times, still not happy with it. I have taken in a foster cat (I am on the 3rd foster). I have started doing occasional volunteer work with the Canadian Cancer Society. None of this keeps me busy enough to tired me enough to fall asleep at night.

When Anthony is here, I want to go to bed at the same time as him, because we really don’t get enough time together. He is usually here Monday night, through to Wednesday morning. This allows us to spend Monday and Tuesday night together. Monday night isn’t usually a peaceful sleep for me, as I am getting used to him being next to me, all over again. Tuesday night is a better sleep. Then he lets me sleep Wednesday morning, when he leaves for work, and I am back into my messed up sleep schedule. Come Monday night, I have to get used to him being next to me again.
Wednesday to Sunday night my sleep is erratic, I sleep in until 10am, 11am or noon… occasionally even until 1pm! Which in turn, leads me to be awake past 2am! Some nights I am even up until 6AM! Obviously this is difficult when it is Sunday night and Monday night I am going to bed at a more reasonable time, when Anthony is here.

I have been trying to stay away from taking any sleep aids during the time that I am off work, because there is no real need for me to get up at a specific time. I have taken various over the counter medications at different times, when I am sick from colds, allergies and such; I take medicines geared to those ailments, but the ‘night time’ formula, so that I can get a restful sleep.

My various doctors ask me all the time if I want something to help me sleep, but I always refuse. I just hope I will continue to refuse, because I do not want to HAVE to take something, to get a good night’s sleep. If/when I go back to work, I may have to take something for the first week or so, to get me into a better sleep schedule, but until then, I will survive with sleeping best when Anthony is next to me.


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