Uneducated Teen Parents

I am on facebook & twitter almost all day.
On twitter, I follow some rather intelligent people (in my opinion).  That is not to say that I think they are brilliant people at the top of their profession, etc. But, I feel they are what I call ‘comfortably intelligent’, meaning they know how to spell, they have a basic grasp of the English language, of grammar, and such.
The people I am connected to on facebook are not all by my choice. Meaning, they are family, friends of family, acquaintances, etc. Not all of them are in the intelligent category, as far as I am concerned.

I get so very frustrated when I see the status updates of some people I am connected to. The ones that frustrate me the most are the ones of parents. I am rather upset by the fact that some parents can not spell.  Most of these parents are young parents, often teen parents. I was a teen parent. I was 18 when my son was born. I graduated high school, I was capable of reading, writing and assisting my son in his education. Even if only his early education.
I am amazed what children learn in elementary school now. It makes me feel older than I am. I feel very uneducated when I see the work my children are doing. I can not imagine how the teen parents of today will feel, if they can not even spell!

I am not the most intelligent person in even a 500 foot radius of my house, I am sure. But I just feel as though I, as a parent, owe my children to be able to give them the best start in life available. A literate parent is a good start. I hope that I gave my children the best start… I am always worried about their futures. They are both intelligent children, but I find myself very frustrated by today’s “internet jargon” spilling over into their correspondence.
As a high school student, I was often frustrated by spelling errors by my friends, even in the notes we passed in class. I can not help but be just as frustrated when I see my children use their internet jargon in our online chats, because I know that they are using this ignorant type of jargon in the notes they write to their friends, and I wonder if it is effecting their school work.

I will stop this rant now, as I know this rant is not going to help or cure this problem.


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