Swap with Lisa

So, Lisa and I did a gift swap between the two of us, and it was so very fun.

The swaps we do through ravelry, usually include sending yarn as the gift. This particular gift swap was yarn we had each chosen, but we had to make something specifically for the other, instead of sending the yarn.

Lisa made this cool hair band for me called “quant”. As well as an “elephante”. I absolutely love my elephante, because I have seen this little guy on ravelry so often and I’ve always wanted one… so *yay* I don’t have to make one myself. It is always better to have it made for you. The hair band is so wonderfully colored, and as Lisa suggested, I believe it looks great in my dark hair.
I told her that I would take a pic with it in my hair, on the next sunny day… the sun is out today… but I’ve just gotten up, so not sure if it will happen yet or not. I have to fully wake up and get moving. But that won’t be for a while yet. Plus I have to wash my hair, and it takes a while to dry *sigh*. OK, that is my goal for the day.

I made Lisa a stuffed toy, the biggest I’d made up to this point. She is a cat lover and her online name is “clevercatsknit”. SO, I made a cat, gave him a set of chopsticks to knit with and named him “Clever Cat”. Therefore, he is the Clever Cat who Knits. He’s got an orange collar with a name tag, the back of his name tag is a knitting pattern… of course!
I was so very nervous as to if she would like him or not… but gladly, she does love him. I am sure he is very happy in his new home.

For those of you who are on ravelry, check out our profile pages, to see these projects.

OH! and we both sent candy/chocolates… of course!


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