Earning from my Hobby

I have been juggling the idea of putting my creations in a flea market or a consignment type market, for a very long time.

I like making lots of different things. I have been in some craft markets where they rent out a small ‘booth’, where you can put your items but you don’t have to BE there to run your booth. Your items are tagged with your code number and the price. Then the person manning the store rings in the purchases and records what sales go to which crafter/artisan. I haven’t seen this type of place in my local area. But would be very grateful to anyone who knows how to find this information.

I looked into the cost of renting a booth at a local flea market. The cost of a ‘single’ booth is $350/month or $107 for a single weekend. This may not seem like much to many people, but to me (on disability pension) it is a lot. I was looking into this information when my Aunt came online, and I mentioned what I was doing, to her. She offered to pay half of the weekend’s cost. This is very exciting for me. This makes the venture seem so much more do-able!
I am thinking of doing this in June or July; when my children are here. I think they will enjoy helping with this adventure.
I think this will help in my goal of working through my yarn stash. It will give me a reason to crochet. It will make me think about how I can use what I have, to create new projects.

I am completely new at this — “this” being selling my creations — therefore, I would really appreciate any advice available from the varied talented and brilliant artisans out there!


2 comments on “Earning from my Hobby

  1. I’ve only sold at one craft fair, and didn’t make much because there was someone there who was selling her knitted items for dirt cheap.
    There’s a few things I’ve learned from running a craft fair though. Make sure to get there early to get a good spot. Have a nice display going on. Bring lots of change and a fanny pack to keep the change in.
    Have business cards or flyers out on display in case someone is interested in your work but doesn’t want to buy something that day.
    Here’s some good info:

    • Thank you so much for the link! I read it, and I pretty much had those ideas, but its a good thing to see that I’m on the right track! I really appreciate it… Now I just have to put those ideas into play.
      Though the idea about the slide show on laptop… BRILLIANT! I will certainly try that one. I might give that project to my son, not that I can not do it, but he loves his computer, lol.

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