Daffodils Save Lives – Buy A Bunch!

I went to the training session tonight for my first Daffodil Days experience. I will be at Metro grocery store at Royal Windsor Drive & Southdown Road on Saturday, March 27th; from 1 – 6 pm.

I invite ANYONE in the Mississauga/Oakville area to come buy your Cancer Society Daffodils from us there, that day.

Daffodils are $7/bunch or $12 for 2 bunches! There are 10 blooms in a bunch. All funds go directly to Cancer Society, all people selling are volunteers & the daffodils are donated. We will accept straight donations as well, for those who do not want to buy flowers.

Daffodil Days are running from March 25th to March 28th; all across Canada, for those not in this immediate area. Keep an eye out for them at malls, grocery stores, etc.

I really look forward to taking part in this fund raising event. I also talked to the volunteer coordinator, briefly, about taking on a larger role for Relay for Life. I am excited to do that as well. I really enjoyed the  work I did last year at Relay for Life, and hope to participate in a more involved capacity.

I will also be cutting my hair to donate this year, for wigs for Chemo patients.
I am very excited about these things.


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