“Crocheter dreams in Knit”

All who know me, know that I am a crocheter. I am capable of basic knitting, but crocheting is what I am good at. Last Friday night (well, I suppose Saturday morning) I woke from a dream having to do with a knitting pattern. I was determined to figure out this knitting pattern. In the dream, I was just looking at a picture of a knit scarf, and seemed to be dictating the knitting pattern. I remembered this pattern, when I woke, and wrote it down.

It took three attempts to determine the required stitches to be cast on. I have figured that part out. This pattern has turned out to be a drop stitch scarf. Yet it is not the pattern I saw in my dream. So, with some brain storming, I have decided that it really wasn’t a knitting pattern. It was in fact a crocheted pattern.

I pulled out my note pad, and tried to work out the pattern. I was rather frustrated that it was not working. It took me a while to figure out that I had to TURN the pattern, to make it look how I want it to look. I have written out my initial pattern, and I am currently crocheting it. It has the basic look I want, but I still have to fine tune it.

Working out this pattern has been like unraveling a riddle, it has been rather fun. I like that my brain is still working and giving me things to figure out; I know that may sound weird, but some days I feel as though my brain has turned to mush, not having worked in 3+ years.

I am putting together a box for a gift swap through ravelry, and I hope my receiver will be pleased to be the recipient of the first model of my pattern. HA! I also hope that this pattern doesn’t already exist somewhere….


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