This is the entry that won an Energizer Prize Pack

Last fall, I got a call telling me that I won an Energizer® Prize Pack, for something I wrote as an entry to a contest benefiting Canadian Cancer Society, sponsored by Energizer®
I was thrilled to win because a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society was made in my name, and my story was to be published in a newsletter. Then I learned that I was to also receive the Prize Pack! The Prize pack came in handy to help with Christmas gifts.
Well, here is my entry:

“I have experienced Hodgkin’s lymphoma 3 times! I may possibly be facing a fourth time. I say “experience” because fighting and battling are such harsh words. I believe that my experience has added to my life. I am more patient. I find joy in the simplest things and try to smile more and try to help others smile more! I have taken my time since my second experience to start crocheting again. I crochet gifts for friends and family as well as items to be sold to raise money for breast cancer research. I have also made random gifts to give to people, who just look like they need something to smile about. I love to help others and do so in my own small ways. I am too lazy to walk and I am a poor fundraiser so I crochet and donate those items. I recently volunteered for the first time at Relay For Life and this year my daughter and I were there for 14 hours! We loved almost every minute. It was a bit of a bummer when we had to head indoors due to a thunder and lightning storm. I do not allow my cancer to control my life. It does control my energy level, my ability to fight off a cold and other such things, but that doesn’t mean it controls ME. When I have the energy to do things, I do what I can. After recuperating for a couple days, my daughter and I plan to visit the zoo, which will call for another day or two of recuperating but it will be worth every minute. Because I spend my recuperating time online, finding patterns to crochet and crocheting various gifts for friends and family. YES, we have cancer… but we’re LIVING with cancer… so let’s LIVE!”


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