Learning Experience

I participated in a craft sale yesterday. Sales, for me, were just as bad as the first one. Obviously, only my stuffed toys sell. Which is a good thing & a bad thing.

Good thing because I can make toys & I enjoy making them! I love the response I get from people who see them.
Bad thing because it hurts my hands to make the tight stitches that work best for the toys…

I have a couple little ‘treasure’ type boxes, that I am thinking of painting to look like ‘old school’ toy boxes, to use for displaying the stuffed toys.

On the up side, I did have one woman come over and tell me I should be selling my toys for more than I am. Personally, I agree, BUT the problem is convincing people who don’t make these things, that my time & effort is worth more than the machine created toys they buy from Walmart…. oh well… Going to work on some toys, and later the toy boxes…

I’ve got a busy month and a half coming up… I’m volunteering at two different Relay for Life events; I have meetings for them, I am volunteering with the Cancer Society, calling other volunteers to confirm their time/assignment.
I have a few appointments for tests & consultation with my oncologist… at which time, we will be deciding on my next possible treatments.


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