Relay #2 of the year

OK, last night, my daughter (T) and I attended and volunteered at Relay for Life. This was my 2nd Relay event of the year, 1st for T.

We arrived, officially, at 1:15pm. Our first task was to assist in setting up the Food & Beverage tent. We got that completed pretty quickly. We did have to wait on the arrival of a few items to really complete the job, but for what we had on site, the job was completed quickly. Then we (along with about 6 other volunteers) rested, while we waited for the arrival of the remainder of the items to set them up.
T’s next job was from 4pm to 7pm to be taking pictures of the Relay teams and various things… Things seemed to be running behind schedule, so she sat with me for most of that time.
I was off duty from Food tent at 5pm. My next job wasn’t until 8:45pm, but we (a couple of us volunteers) re-arranged schedules and I started around 6pm, was selling food & beverage tickets.
T’s next job was from 7pm to 10pm, helping in the Smart Shop tent. They did not need her right away, so she kept going back to see if they had anything for her to do. They eventually found jobs for her, and she was there until about 9:45pm.

From there, we both went back to the Food Tent, and started on the soup & hot water for tea; same job we did last year… Then we had to add in popping popcorn! We were on a roll and were belting out instructions for other volunteers… At about 3am, we decided that if we were to continue, we needed chocolate; she & I went on a chocolate run. It took a bit to find a store open at 3am… we finally stopped at a gas station, then decided that since we weren’t too far from the 24hr grocery store that we would run over there and buy some hot chocolate, since someone seemed to forget that for this year’s food tent.

I bought 6 boxes of 10 envelopes of hot chocolate, and we went back to Relay and within 10 minutes… there was a swarm of people wanting hot chocolate. Apparently, they could SMELL it, when we made ours. We felt good about providing that for the people who don’t drink tea or coffee…

BUT at that point, T decided she was done for the night… so we signed out, piled ourselves into the car, drove home… shower, fresh jammies and then it was time to fall into the bed to drift off….. BUT the drifting part didn’t seem to want to come so easily. So we talked and laughed about Relay. We eventually drifted off, but that wasn’t until about 5am, after I put a pillow in the window to block the rising run….

Here I am now, at 1pm, and T is still sleeping… My body aches all over, but I feel good about the work we did. Of course, we will do it again, next year.

Can’t wait for the email, telling us how much we raised at last night’s event!


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