Revamping Blog

OK, here I am, deciding that I want to “re-do” my blog. I started it so long ago, but just haven’t made a good effort to keep it up to date.
Here is my new plan: post once a week to twice a month. This will be about my creative endeavors, which usually consists of crocheted items. I also do some painting and drawing. I have a sewing machine, which was given to me by my wonderful man, but I have not used yet (almost a year).
I hope to be moving soon, to an apartment big enough to have a FULL room for the creative process. Right now, I have a small room with my yarn & paint as well as a dresser & bed for when the kids visit. The new room will be twice the size!

OK, wish me luck and please follow/subscribe. Also feel free to make suggestions and/or requests.
Thanks for reading!


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