I have been really tired lately. I have been going to sleep some time between midnight & 2 am; waking before 9 am; then I usually end up falling asleep again around 11am and waking around 1 or 2 pm…

I am so tired, feeling drained. I am not sure why I am so exhausted. I haven’t been doing too much, physically. The only thing I can think of is being mentally stressed & exhausted, transferring itself to physical exhaustion.

Moving day is fast approaching; October 1st. So just over a week away. I am hoping to be less stressed once we move, and I will then, hopefully, feel at least a little more energetic.

I do have an appointment on October 13th, so if I remember, I will bring it up to my doctor. Not that he’ll be able to do much at the time.

OH! and I can’t crochet, because my right hand/wrist/lower arm are in quite a bit of pain… even when I’m just sitting here… so crocheting is almost impossible.

Oh well, that’s my life right now… tired… stressed… packing… moving…


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