OK, so a week ago I woke up at 6am and made myself a tea. After my tea, I started handing boxes out the window to my mother.

At about 9am, my friend Leo showed up to start helping loading the truck. Anthony arrived at almost 10am, and we had to wait for him to go get the truck. So all the stuff we brought out was in the driveway. We get the truck and started loading the boxes. Leo had to leave, because he had to work. Another friend, Eddie, msg’d me to tell me that he slept in, and was coughing and sneezing all night. Personally, I really didn’t care that he had a cold. I mean here I am, in massive pain, dealing with my cancer day in and day out… and he’s whining about a cold… this cold was his excuse for not coming to help load the truck.

Basically, there was only Anthony, my mom and myself to load the truck. We didn’t leave Mississauga until after 6pm; our original plan was to leave by 2 or 3 pm. We got to Port Colborne after 8pm. We unloaded the truck for about an hour or so, but we were all so tired and in pain, we couldn’t do too much. Making sure we had the mattresses off the truck, so that we had something to sleep on, we fell onto those mattresses and quickly fell asleep — though I was up a few times thanks to the cats banging on the door of the room they were in.

The next day, we were up at about 8am, we began unloading the truck almost immediately. Anthony had the ‘fortune’ to meet a neighbor while I was upstairs, barely moving. This neighbor was clearly still drunk, and was telling Anthony that he needed help unloading the truck, but he was too drunk to do it. So he went and woke up some neighbor kids and told them to come help us!

We had 3 young men helping us, thankfully. I was having cold sweats and was barely able to move. I sat myself in the pantry room to remain out of the way. The idea of having the boxes placed in the room they were intended for was thrown out the window, but I was OK with that, since I was not able to move very well.
My mom was pulling boxes to the end of the truck so the men could carry them up to the apartment. Anthony & the young men were carrying boxes & furniture up and I was sitting in the kitchen directing the men.

So here I am now, a week later, one bedroom is “set up” but not how I want it, its got the wrong bed and two instead of one dresser… I have to move that stuff, still have a loft bed and bunk bed together (waiting on Anthony for those). I also have the studio on its way to being usable… I just need 2 tables for that room now. I need my work table and Anthony’s drawing table.
Our bedroom is the largest in the apartment, and I LOVE IT! I can’t wait until we get everything in order, and this looks more like a home.


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