Female does not equal mindless

My landlord (as well as so many other men – and women) seems to think that I have no idea what I am talking about, when I tell him about problems with the apartment I am renting.

I know that a double pane window is NOT supposed to fog or have condensation in between the panes; I know that if it does, that means the seal is broken somewhere and the window needs to be replaced. When I told him of the fog in the window, he proceeds to tell me that it is caused by condensation. WELL! no S#!T Sherlock! This would be WHY I am telling you! Because it needs to be fixed/replaced! But apparently I am way to subtle, or he is too stupid. Either way, I still have a foggy double pane window. The sad thing is that this is the GOOD window! the rest of the windows in this place are the old wooden famed double hung style, with no seal, no insulation, not much better than putting a sheet of plastic over the window in the dead of winter. Here I am in the summer, with screens duct taped into the windows, with the opening between the two window frames also duct taped, to keep the insects out, but unfortunately, with the humidity, it is not sticking everywhere, and I have flies & mosquitos (and other flying insects) making themselves comfortable in my home.
OH! and the quality windows have resulted in mould on every window, which of course, is not ideal for my cancer ridden, asthmatic lungs!

The landlord “fixed” a leaky tub faucet, using tiles that are just a smidge too big for the space needed. These tiles are too big area wise as well as too thick to be placed next to the tiles already present. Therefore, the grout lines are actually just the edges of the tile peering past the current tiles with grout plastered to them. I have a bet with my neighbor as to how long these tiles will remain in place.

While fixing the faucet, I pointed out a spot by the tub where the drywall was bubbling and peeling. I happen to know that this is caused by the leak from the faucet and the shut off valve to the tub (which also needs to be replaced, even though “It was new 27 years ago, and it has only been used 2 or 3 times.”). He proceeded to tell me the bubbling (which was actually present when I moved in) is being cause by my “over sized” shower head. Now, I know I’m not a man. I know I am not a contractor. I know I am not a plumber. I know I am not a physicist…. or anyone/anything else who may know more than he knows… but with my little female brain, I am quite sure that water shoots straight out from a shower head, no matter the shape or size of it, and therefore, I am quite sure that my oversized shower head is NOT the cause of the bubbling located BEHIND the shower head.

No matter what I bring up to him, he feels the need to go into a long explanation of nonsense. I am fed up, I am frustrated, I want to move out. I happen to like the apartment itself. But with the minor problems here and the fact that I have to deal with his inability to speak to me as an equal, I no longer want to be here.

So I am faced with the decision of looking for another apartment/house where I will undoubtedly run into more of the same idiocy from an “all knowing” landlord … or stay here and deal with the known idiocy of the current “all knowing” landlord.


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