No Dogs Allowed

I walk my dog along a stretch of grass that borders a local factory. There are signs there that say “No Dogs Allowed”.
Similar to this sign:

I do not quite understand this. I understand that they don’t want dog poop on their property, I wouldn’t either. But I do clean up after my dog, so I think the sign should be more like one of these:

THESE make sense to me.

While out this morning, I had a security truck pull up honking his horn. This Security Officer does not bother to get out of his air conditioned  truck, he merely points at the sign that I am walking by. So I point to the leash I have in hand (the dog is very obediently walking right at my side, on the edge of their grass, so that he is not walking on the road). He again points to the sign, so I pull out my poop sacs. He again points to the sign, so I just shrug. I am thinking “get your ass out and talk to me”. So he proceeds to shrug and drive off. SO, obviously, he really wasn’t too concerned with my dog on the grass.

I could understand if I was walking away from my dog’s steaming pile of feces OR if my dog was digging their grass OR my dog was in someway damaging their property, but he was just WALKING on the grass. He hadn’t even peed on a pole at this point! I often pull my dog away from the piles of dog feces left by other dog owners, along this patch of grass (that stretches 3 blocks). It  really is an ideal space to walk dogs, but I beg of all other dog owners: BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DOG! I am as responsible as I can be,I know I am not perfect. But I clean up after my dog as often as possible (there are times, when he is not feeling well, when I am not able to clean up after him),I stop him from peeing on people’s flowers, I only allow him to pee on poles, trees and fences.

I get so fed up with people telling me that MY dog is misbehaving, when their dog is the one jumping on mine and mine is merely defending himself, or reacting in kind. I have a well behaved dog. He can walk off leash, next to me, only leaving my side to “do his business” and occasionally to check out another dog, an interesting smell or a child that he wants to play with. I have a large dog. This does not mean that he is uncontrollable, this does not mean he is viscous, this does not mean that your small dog is a better behaved creature!

Yesterday, I was walking my dog through the local carnival, when a police officer approached me, to let me know that no dogs were allowed. He was so nice about it. He let me know that he didn’t agree with the rule, but that he was required to “let me know”. I will not say what his exact word were, but needless to say, he thought the rule was ‘garbage’. There were other dogs there, and I am sure he told their owners as well. As he was telling me this, a young lady approached me to ask if she could take a picture of my dog. I am not sure why, but he’s a ham, so he gladly sat for his picture to be taken. While walking around, to get where I was allowed to have him (since I was actually trying to get past the street carnival to the bank on the other side), I had SO many people with small children approach me, asking if they could pet my DOBERMAN! I was so proud of Jake and his laid back demeanor, he was totally loving the attention and was a model dog at this event.
There were other dogs –large and small– that I saw who were pulling and jumping, and here is my “unruly, scary Doberman” strolling at my side with a goofy, panting grin on his face, loving the sun and the activity around him.

There are people in the neighborhood, who are not really dog people, who have gotten to know Jake, who adore him. They marvel at how well behaved he is, how patient he is (I can stop to talk to anyone, and if he gets bored with sniffing while waiting, he’ll lay down until I am ready to continue our walk), and how friendly he is.

I love my big goof ball… wouldn’t trade him for anything. I will continue to remind myself that he is a good boy, he is a reliable friend and that he is NOT what others seem to think he is.


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