I’m not a Contractor

As I have previously stated, I am not a contractor or anything like that. But I do know a few things about a house, that I thought were general knowledge… or that seem to be general knowledge, to me.
For example:

  • there should not be drafts around windows
  • there should not be condensation on/between windows
  • there should not be mold on windows
  • there should not be cigarette smoke seepage from the apartment below me
  • I should be able to open my windows for fresh air, with usable screens (not allowing bugs, birds, squirrels into my apartment)
  • floors should be FLAT
  • doors should open/close
  • windows should open/close
  • window sills are not homes for birds/squirrels
  • flushing a toilet should remove waste from it

These are only a few examples of things that are issues in my apartment, that I am quite sure should not be. I do know more things about houses, buildings, etc. Some of these things I learned from family members who are contractors, some I learned from reading, some I learned from home improvement shows. I have interest in these things, and I think most people should have a general knowledge of some of these things, like how to remove the cap at the bottom of the sink trap/drain, so they can retrieve a lost ring or something like that.

Since I am low income, I realize I can not afford to live in a brand new house (nor would I want to), but I think it is reasonable to want to live in a home that is healthy to be in, one that does not depress me or frustrate me. Being depressed and frustrated does not lend well to being healthy. I have various health issues that are being compounded by the world around me.

Ideally, I would just win a lottery, so that I can buy a house where I can get things fixed/done the way they should be, so that if I have to deal with these problems, I know it is my own doing, that I do not have to wait on someone else (who is not capable) to fix things.

I am making a plea to both Bryan Baeumler and Mike Holmes, I know you are both generous, caring individuals. I am in need! In need of a home that is not compounding my health issues. I am willing to work (when able), I am willing to do fund raising, I am willing to EARN my home. The problem I currently have is that at the rate I am going now, I will never be able to buy my own home. I do not ‘qualify’ for so many programs because even though I am low income, I do bring in more than most (for a single person), but I do have two kids that I have to have room for, when they visit.
I am willing to have a home where it will be conducive to helping others. I like being able to help others, I want to be able to help others who deserve/need help.


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