URGENT HELP NEEDED, from my friends

Update: Wednesday, August 10, 2011 – 11:05 AM
I have just made full payment to son’s tuition account.  Thanks to two friends who were so very kind and generous and myself, deciding groceries can wait; his tuition is paid in full.
I am also going to start sending him (fingers crossed that I can afford to do this) $50 a month, to cover a small amount of the costs of him living in his friend’s dad’s house. I will be doing this along with paying back the two generous people who came forward quickly to help in this situation. I can not thank them enough.


I hate to do this, but my son just informed me (Monday evening) that he needs $602.50 by this Friday for his college tuition or he can’t go.

He lives in Kansas; his father moved there for work, and has recently been kicked out by his father. He has spoken to his father about this, and has told me that his father doesn’t seem to care that this money is due Friday or he can not attend school.

I have no problem with paying for his schooling — IF I have the money! Unfortunately, I have a whole $140 of spending money for the rest of this month…. notice it is only the 8th! I will be sending him $100 of that money.

I am asking for assistance from my overly generous online friends. I am not asking for a handout, that is not me. I am asking for a loan of any amount you can afford. I will pay you all back! My plan is to pay back in the order of the offers I receive. I will even post a username/first name/number with the amount, date, time on my blog, to keep track of this, also to show that I am paying people back and the order they can expect their money back in.

I know this is a tremendous request, but I really can not think of how else to raise this money in 3 days!

I thank everyone who even takes the time to read this. I appreciate all thoughts and prayers as well.

Leave a comment or email me at purplej3nn <at> live <dot>com (or if you know me personally, call me)


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