Looking Back @ 2011

OK, last year wasn’t a bad year, but it certainly had some bumps in the road.

Highlights: Chemotherapy. Daughter’s summer visit. Son’s high school grad. Road trip to Kansas. 2 week long hospital stays. Move across the street. Start babysitting job. Allergic reactions to no-idea-what.

So, now I will elaborate. From March to August I was on the COPP regimen. I had to postpone this treatment for a week at the beginning, because I helped my mother move my grandmother from Dundas, Ontario to London, Ontario (she’s got 6 kids and my mother and I were the only ones doing anything). Throughout this treatment, I had 2 reactions of my face swelling and 2 or 3 times broke out in hives. One time the hives lasted 3 days, and I was covered head to foot! It was not determined if these reactions were due to the treatment or something else. Though I will say I never had these types of reactions before this treatment or since finishing it.
My son graduated high school in May, the BF and I drove down to Kansas to be in attendance. I thought the road trip was fine. I enjoyed myself, but the BF seems to stress over things he doesn’t need to stress over. My daughter came back with us, for her summer visit.
I ended up in the hospital for the 1st week of June, right at the beginning of my daughter’s visit. I had some sort of infection, but they couldn’t find it.
I was also hospitalized the 1st week of September for a week. I went into Urgent care with a fever of 105F and they decided I could stay.
I got tired of arguing with previous landlord about the mold on the windows, so I moved. I was lucky enough to find an apartment across the street, with a different landlord. This one is willing to fix things in this place. It is an old house, I am in the upper unit. I have three bedrooms, one of which is our craft/art room.
Daughter had gotten a babysitting job while she was here for the summer, after she left, I let them know I was available, if they still needed someone. After a while I got a text asking if I could babysit while they went shopping in the US (its great being so close to the border). After that, they asked if I was willing to babysit during the day, since the mom was going back to work, after the maternity leave. So, I am now babysitting two great kids from 1-4 days a week.
And to end the year off, I get a call from my mother just before Christmas about my grandmother’s husband being more than rude to her (my mom), telling her that she does nothing for my grandmother, telling her she “steals” grandma’s money, that he could do a better job than my mom is doing. So my mom said “do it”. He took her on a road trip 2 hours away from home without taking her medications, without taking her adult diapers, without knowing her daily routine! He took her out a few more times the same way. He would also take her out without her walker, which she NEEDS! Then, he up and leaves (he lives in Florida, not with his wife!), leaving my mom to get grandma’s sugars back under control (she is diabetic) and such. When he leaves, he takes the bank card to my grandmother’s American bank account, the account that he is supposed to be depositing money monthly and where she also gets a pension deposited. He took it for his own personal use. So, at the end of all this, my grandmother is now considered a “crisis case” and has been fast tracked to get admission to a nursing home AND my mother is coming to stay with me, until the basement apartment in this building is completed for her.

New Year’s Eve was spent lounging in bed with my sweet BF, watching movies. We were sleeping shortly after the new year came in… we’re old ya know, ha ha.

We are making plans to get healthier (slowly) this year, as well as save money in every way we can, to put money away for a trip for the two of us to a WARM destination for February 2013 (our anniversary), hoping for Hawaii.


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