Graduations on the Horizon

I have two wonderful children, who since 2006 lived in Kansas with their father. He moved there for work.
My son moved back in with me shortly after turning 18; returning to Kansas to join the National Guard.
My daughter is almost 18 and is now living with me. 

They both have graduation ceremonies this year. One in April (in South Carolina) the other early May (in Kansas).
To get to South Carolina for my son’s graduation from Basic Combat Training, it will be a 13 hour drive (each way). The trip to Kansas is a 20 hour drive (each way). These trips will require car rental, gas and motel stays. Driving is the more economical choice as I am not the only one traveling and the healthier choice, due to my lowered immune system from the cancer I live with.

I am unable to do this on my own, and therefore am hosting an indiegogo fund raising event.

I am asking that even if you are unable to donate, please share this information with anyone and everyone, because someone may be able to help. All help is appreciated and if I happen to raise more money than I need, I will be donating to the local food bank to help other children reach their potential.



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