December 2014

Lets see… it has been a hectic year.

My son graduated Basic Combat Training for the National Guard at Fort Jackson in April; got his American citizenship; went to Fort Lee for his AIT; graduated from that in July. He is now back in Kansas, and planning to get a job close to his girlfriend’s school.

My daughter moved in with me last December; graduated high school in May (she had finished in December); started at Niagara College (Culinary Management) in September; moved in with her boyfriend in October. She is doing well in school, I am very proud of her progress.

My mother got her own place in June; has been volunteering a great deal and seems to be doing very well.

Anthony and I adopted (well, fostering to adopt) another dog, Lisa; our oldest cat, Hiss, passed away in October; I fostered 4 kittens in November, and decided to keep 2 of them (a boy, Goober and a girl, Gabby; siblings, black short hair); moved half way through December and I am getting ready to go on a trip January 2nd.

Oh! Mustn’t forget that I started a new chemotherapy treatment at the end of May, then 5 minutes into my 2nd treatment (June) I went into anaphylactic shock, was unresponsive (code blue) and spent the next two days in ICU. That was interesting! I couldn’t continue with that therapy, which is unfortunate, because the ONE treatment I completed did wonders. Who knows, it may have gotten rid of the cancer if I was able to do the entire schedule of treatment. So the cancer is still in me and we will be discussing the next step in January. This time is has moved to below the diaphragm, which I believe takes it to another level, because it is now in a new part of my body. It has always been in the left axilla (neck and underarm on the left side); and in my lungs. This time is was seen in my pancreas, spleen and possibly liver.

Well, I am still keeping a positive outlook and hoping for the best. Lets look forward to 2015 and see what it will bring.


New Foster Kitty

Two nights ago I was brought a kitty who has a messed up right eye;  we’ve been calling him Ceasar.

I already have a foster kitty, through Abandoned Cat Rescue. He is not yet ready to be adopted. But Ceasar will be ready in a week or two. We have called the local Animal Services, to see if anyone has reported him missing. We will wait a couple weeks before putting him up for adoption, to be sure we give anyone a chance to claim him, if in fact he does already have a home.

This is the perfect example of why cats should be kept indoors! His right eye has been injured or damaged due to illness. IF he belongs to someone, it is quite possible that this could have been avoided if he was kept indoors, because the injury to the eye looks to be only a month or so old! Therefore, if he was kept indoors, he would not have either gotten this illness or been subjected to injury.

I hope that we can find his home… either with his ‘current’ owners who are missing him, or with a new family who will love him. He’s very lovable & just needs some TLC.