Lazy Unemployed Drain on Society? I think not!

There are a large number of unemployed people who qualify as a drain on society. There are also a large number of aging unemployed who are unlikely to be hired anywhere, because of their age and inexperience with today’s technology. In my opinion, they are really at no fault for not being able to gain employment.

I have been off work since November 2006, due to my cancer. Having been expecting to be off work for 6 – 9 months, this 5 year-bit is both annoying and shocking. I have gotten bored and a little stir-crazy lately.

I started babysitting the kids my daughter babysat in the summer, when their mom went back to work. Most recently, I have started a paper route. I am also building an apartment for my mom.
I have a neighbor who has asked me to paint their living room. I am trying to clean up the outside of the house I live in (the yard). I have also started some seeds inside, so will (hopefully) have a garden this summer, filled with lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, turnips, red peppers, pumpkins and broccoli.

I am still doing my crocheting, when I haven’t got the physical energy to do the other things, or when I’m in too much pain.
My disability has to do with my immune system. Since I work in retail, and when people are home sick from work, they seem to enjoy shopping… meaning they are coughing and sneezing all over my work place… meaning I in turn need to take time off work because I am sick… so much so that it is not worth being back at work.
Due to my various treatments, I now have other physical issue that would now make working difficult and/or painful — carpal tunnel, arthritis, bursitis, nerve damage (those are the diagnosed illnesses; there are others that are yet undiagnosed).

Yes. I am unemployed. I am on a disability pension. But I am not lazy, I am as productive as I can be, when I have the energy.


Revamping Blog

OK, here I am, deciding that I want to “re-do” my blog. I started it so long ago, but just haven’t made a good effort to keep it up to date.
Here is my new plan: post once a week to twice a month. This will be about my creative endeavors, which usually consists of crocheted items. I also do some painting and drawing. I have a sewing machine, which was given to me by my wonderful man, but I have not used yet (almost a year).
I hope to be moving soon, to an apartment big enough to have a FULL room for the creative process. Right now, I have a small room with my yarn & paint as well as a dresser & bed for when the kids visit. The new room will be twice the size!

OK, wish me luck and please follow/subscribe. Also feel free to make suggestions and/or requests.
Thanks for reading!

First Craft Fair

OK, last week I was thinking about preparing for my first craft fair in May… then I got an email telling me I was approved as a vendor for a craft fair this coming Saturday! Meaning I had 10 days to prepare.

So, in the past few days I have been crocheting, planning, testing, brain storming… It’s the busiest I’ve been in so long. It feels good. Having been off work for 3+ years, I have felt so useless and brain dead. Not that my job was overly difficult, but at least I had the chance to be challenged at time and be physically active.

Well, I should get back to crocheting small items, for those who don’t want to spend too much… gotta get everyone’s $$$, ha!

“Crocheter dreams in Knit”

All who know me, know that I am a crocheter. I am capable of basic knitting, but crocheting is what I am good at. Last Friday night (well, I suppose Saturday morning) I woke from a dream having to do with a knitting pattern. I was determined to figure out this knitting pattern. In the dream, I was just looking at a picture of a knit scarf, and seemed to be dictating the knitting pattern. I remembered this pattern, when I woke, and wrote it down.

It took three attempts to determine the required stitches to be cast on. I have figured that part out. This pattern has turned out to be a drop stitch scarf. Yet it is not the pattern I saw in my dream. So, with some brain storming, I have decided that it really wasn’t a knitting pattern. It was in fact a crocheted pattern.

I pulled out my note pad, and tried to work out the pattern. I was rather frustrated that it was not working. It took me a while to figure out that I had to TURN the pattern, to make it look how I want it to look. I have written out my initial pattern, and I am currently crocheting it. It has the basic look I want, but I still have to fine tune it.

Working out this pattern has been like unraveling a riddle, it has been rather fun. I like that my brain is still working and giving me things to figure out; I know that may sound weird, but some days I feel as though my brain has turned to mush, not having worked in 3+ years.

I am putting together a box for a gift swap through ravelry, and I hope my receiver will be pleased to be the recipient of the first model of my pattern. HA! I also hope that this pattern doesn’t already exist somewhere….

Swap with Lisa

So, Lisa and I did a gift swap between the two of us, and it was so very fun.

The swaps we do through ravelry, usually include sending yarn as the gift. This particular gift swap was yarn we had each chosen, but we had to make something specifically for the other, instead of sending the yarn.

Lisa made this cool hair band for me called “quant”. As well as an “elephante”. I absolutely love my elephante, because I have seen this little guy on ravelry so often and I’ve always wanted one… so *yay* I don’t have to make one myself. It is always better to have it made for you. The hair band is so wonderfully colored, and as Lisa suggested, I believe it looks great in my dark hair.
I told her that I would take a pic with it in my hair, on the next sunny day… the sun is out today… but I’ve just gotten up, so not sure if it will happen yet or not. I have to fully wake up and get moving. But that won’t be for a while yet. Plus I have to wash my hair, and it takes a while to dry *sigh*. OK, that is my goal for the day.

I made Lisa a stuffed toy, the biggest I’d made up to this point. She is a cat lover and her online name is “clevercatsknit”. SO, I made a cat, gave him a set of chopsticks to knit with and named him “Clever Cat”. Therefore, he is the Clever Cat who Knits. He’s got an orange collar with a name tag, the back of his name tag is a knitting pattern… of course!
I was so very nervous as to if she would like him or not… but gladly, she does love him. I am sure he is very happy in his new home.

For those of you who are on ravelry, check out our profile pages, to see these projects.

OH! and we both sent candy/chocolates… of course!

freeform crochet

I have been exploring ravelry, as I do on many days… I have come across some freeform items, and I am falling in love with it. I have some ideas for freeform projects… I want to start with a freeform wrap; it is something that can have an odd shape to it and still be usable.

I did make one shawl that I suppose could be considered freeform… pink shawl it was for a lady, to represent all the good thoughts & prayers for her from many people (each yarn, shade of pink to represent the people/prayers/thoughts). It was given to her friend, to give to her as a gift. I instructed him to wrap it around her in a hug, and tell her that whenever she needs a hug, she needs only to wrap it around her to feel the love sent to her.

Well, one day, I will start my freeform wrap. I am sure it will be one of my on-going projects. I often have on-going projects… and they are often my own projects, for example: my scrap blanket, my large blanket for A & I, etc…

Hints n Tips for FellowFiberFolks

I am looking for various hints and tips that you would like to share with our fiber friends.
Reply to this, or post on twitter as “@PurpleJ3nn tip:”  Then I will re-tweet 🙂 [don’t have much else to do]

  • I (re)use slide zip-lock baggies to hold and separate yarn while crocheting (or knitting)
  • I use chip tubes (from pringles, etc) to hold knitting needles, crochet hooks (as well as my other tools for other creative aspects ie paint brushes)
  • I use reusable shopping bags to carry & organize my projects
  • I use ‘springy’ key chains to attach a pair of scissors to each project bag
  • when I find quality scissors @ a dollar store, I buy at least two pair, so that I have a pair to go with each project bag, and don’t have to track down scissors when I move to another project
  • I also buy the cheap packages of 3 (or more) tape measures from dollar stores, to keep in each project bag
  • I use stackable plastic drawers to organize my yarn, it keeps it from getting dusty, and the drawers are clear, so I can see what is in each drawer
  • I use foldable magazine organizers to hold yarn on shelves, because I can grab the holder to take project to the living room to work on while watching TV… they stand on their own, and sometimes have small pocket where I can put scissors, hooks, tape measure
  • I use small make up case or pencil case (from dollar stores) to hold scissors, tape measure, yarn needle, etc… to keep them organized in each project bag

Please leave comment with your own tips, so I can share them with others; even send @ reply on twitter so I can RT and share

CAL, Infinity Shawl/Wrap

Joede AKA Black Pearl Style is hosting a Crochet-A-Long, this is the first one I am participating in, we are making the Infinity Wrap byKristin Omdahl.

I am using a baby yarn, that is so super soft, and I have fallen in love with… I am rather excited to see how it will turn out

I am doubling this yarn, I love the color effect it creates. I have 6 skeins of one dye lot, and 2 skeins of a lighter dye lot. So I am thinking that I might do one motif in the lighter dye lot, make it the center motif of the 5, for some ‘symbolism’ that I will figure out later, LOL

Getting pretty excited about making this. I was wondering what I would use this yarn for, and wanted something special and pretty and for ME.
If it turns out well, I have a Red Heart Super Saver yarn that is variegated rich jewel tones, that I think would look FABULOUS in this shawl…

OK, back to the task at hand… done my swatch, and its wonky; but I have to move onward…